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Luz: Poetry and the Physics of Light, by Abie Lane Benítez-Quinones

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This unit introduces the physics of light utilizing concrete poetry. Poetry and physics are complex concepts for first grade students; in an attempt to enhance student performance, I have combined both. The concept of light as an everyday phenomenon makes this very abstract topic easier to understand and relevant. Utilizing hands-on activities, simple demonstrations and learning centers this unit explores the sources of light, properties of light and human receptors. The use of concrete poetry establishes a visual context for the physics of light. My students include English and Spanish-dominant students participating in a two-way immersion program that promotes science inquiry. This physics unit was developed in order to enhance the science curriculum in first grade. As a curriculum and staff developer I will implement this curriculum as part of my modeling and coaching for teachers in the classroom. For three weeks for approximately a one-hour period I will meet with my students at their assigned classrooms. A final project will include a written collection of poems produced by the students.

(Recommended for Science, grades K-2.)

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