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The Physics of Flight, by Kristen Borsari

Guide Entry to 03.04.02:

This unit was written for fourth and fifth-grade but can be adopted to work with any kind of student body. This is an interdisciplinary unit focusing on the physics of flight, using this as a point to raise the students' interest in the history of flight which is explored through history lessons and by reading the novel Dragonwings by Laurence Yep.

The unit is designed to appeal to all kinds of learning styles and talents found among students. This unit is ideal to engage students who are normally hesitant in either science or in reading because the wide variety of learning opportunities will provide almost any kind of learner the opportunity to shine in his or her own way.

Included in the unit are many ideas for hands-on activities that can be done for or with the students. There are also three lesson plans written which include the materials needed, the performance objectives, and extension activities. All the background knowledge needed to teach this unit to a class is provided in the unit and additional readings for greater knowledge are listed in the reading list at the end of the unit.

(Recommended for Science, Social Studies, and Literacy, grades 3-5.)

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