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Physics of Sound: How We Hear Sounds, by Shannon Cohen

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Sound is one of our five senses that we often take for granted. There are different sounds traveling through our ears everyday. This unit will allow students the opportunity to explore sound and gain an understanding of how and why we hear.

This unit is designed for a second grade classroom. Many lessons throughout the unit may be adapted to grades K-3. This unit focuses on four main aspects of sound. How our ear works, hearing impairments, mechanics of sound, and speed and distance of sound are the focus of this unit. Students will explore sound through many inquiry-based activities and experiments. Students will be required to respond to questions in response journals after each activity, allowing them to reflect on each lesson. Students will also get the opportunity to experience life without the sense of hearing, through lessons focusing on the life of Helen Keller.

(Recommended for Science, grade 2.)

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