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Water Will, Water Way, by Laura Pringleton

Guide Entry to 03.05.07:

This unit includes an exploration of water, its inhabitants, the oceans, seas, freshwater (watersheds), and tap water. My students will do research and experiments to calculate what is now being done to maintain the health of the sea and our own watersheds.

Aquaculture (the farming of the sea) depends on the health of the sea. Students will learn to focus on sea animals that will be kept in a tank in the classroom. These hands-on experiments will allow them to do research and draw their own conclusions.

Because of biodiversity, many potential pharmaceutical benefits of the sea may have been lost. Others may someday be found. Students will, through hands-on classroom experience, learn of the pharmaceutical benefits that already exist from these classroom animals, and other sea animals. As students apply their experience and knowledge, future, potentially beneficial pharmaceuticals could possibly be found in today's classrooms.

(Recommended for Science and Mathematics, grades 4-5.)

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