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Friday and Friends: A Journey with Else Holmelund Minarik's Little Bear Stories for the Young Child, by Geraldine Martin

Guide Entry to 04.02.07:

In my unit I present strategies that are used with puppetry for presenting the art of story telling, via Minarik's Little Bear stories. The unit aims to foster a love for reading. The books can easily be used as an extension to one's classroom reading curriculum. The stories are brief yet entertaining, and the illustrations are detailed and engaging.

The unit, whose primary purpose is to enhance the reading curriculum in the classroom, will also stimulate discussions such as the dilemmas that Little Bear and his friends face in the stories. Children will contrast them to situations that they face in their own lives.

Puppets including Mr. Friday will assist the children in reading the stories. The children will retell stories through their own puppet creations and illustrated words. Various graphic organizers, story maps, and journals will also help the children in remembering and interpreting the little bear stories. Creative works will include an animated movie, drama production, and a Grandmother's Tea.

The unit includes activities suitable for children in kindergarten through third grades with an emphasis on literacy for the first grade child.

(Recommended for Reading and Language Arts, grade 1.)

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