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The History of African American Children: A Guide for Teaching Black History at the Elementary School Level, by Jennifer Flood

Guide Entry to 04.03.07:

The goal of this unit is to teach elementary school students about black history through the eyes of children. Students will develop an awareness to build upon as they grow and mature. Resources include pieces of art centering on African American children and literature related to the pieces. The focus is on desegregation. To lead into desegregation, the unit briefly touches upon slavery. The unit will conclude with a celebration of diversity.

Art and literature were carefully selected due to the sensitive nature of the topic. This unit is intended to make students aware of black history without depressing them or instilling fear and anger. By the end of the unit, students will have an appreciation for black history and a realization of how far African Americans have come. It will help students realize that there is hope for an even better tomorrow.

(Recommended for History and Art, grades K-4.)

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