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Who Am I and Why Must I Be Called Anything?, by Jacqueline E. Porter-Clinton

Guide Entry to 05.02.08:

This unit is designed for Social Studies. In Social Studies we teach about the arrival of America's immigrant population, whose members passed through Ellis Island on the east coast and Angel Island on the west coast, with and without documents, by land from Canada and Mexico, at various times throughout history. Society's way of categorizing or identifying us creates isolation of one group from another-in turn, creating the need for tolerance. I will venture to ask the question: "Why can't we be individuals with many qualities?"

I will be teaching this unit in an eighth grade Social Studies class that consist of students on grade level, special education students who are academically below grade level, Hearing Impaired students as well as English as Second Language (ESL) students. The unit will be taught over the period of one marking period. Because of the diversity of the class this unit could be applicable for fifth through eighth grade.

(Recommended for Social Studies, grades 5-8.)

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