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Spaces and Places of the Native Americans, by Yolanda U. Trapp

Guide Entry to 05.03.07:

In this unit children will be learning some basic knowledge of the Native American tribes, ranging from the Seminole of Florida to the Chilkat of Alaska, learning about their period of life and studying different kinds of uses of Indian shelters. Students will learn to understand architecture as an artistic mode that deals with forms of interior and exterior space. They will also begin to recognize its relationship to the environment, cultural influences and needs of different tribes. The unit is part of a four-week program (with extension if needed) to introduce students to the history and culture of the first Americans.

I prepared three different lesson plans for grades five and six. The first is designed as a thinking process. The second and third are developed with the District Content Standards included. All the lessons plans can also be modified for the need of each child having a Differentiated Instruction Method in mind.

(Recommended for Language Arts, Social Studies, History and Math, grades 5-6.)

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