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Sun and Earth, by Raymond W. Brooks

Guide Entry to 05.04.04:

The focus of this unit is on activities for Sun/Earth Science Fair Projects. A teacher wishing to help guide students to complete a meaningful project can use the basic information found in this unit to provide direction for the student.

The unit tries to use ideas that have already proven successful. The topics with related activities are:

- How big is the Sun?
- How Far Away is the Sun?
- What is the Structure of the Sun?
- Sunlight and Earth
- Sun-Earth Movements
- Solar Energy and Weather
- Solar Energy Past and Present

By doing these activities, the student must research information and gather data to write a research paper about the Sun. Various Web sites are mentioned throughout the unit where a person can locate relevant information. If one wishes to use an interdisciplinary approach, the unit can satisfy Performance Standards for Science, Math, Social Studies and Language Arts.

(Recommended for Earth Science and Astronomy, grades 6-8.)

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