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The Impacts of Human Activities on Biodiversity in New Haven County, by Abie L. Benítez

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This unit introduces such concepts as ecology, biodiversity, and fragmentation. As the population increases and the demand for goods increases, there may be a growing conflict between further economic development and the maintenance of unspoiled ecosystems large enough to sustain viable wildlife populations. I want my students to be aware of how human activity can impact their environment. Utilizing hands-on and center activities, observations, and demonstrations this unit explores the relationship among living things present in urban habitats. The use of journal writing establishes a medium through which the students can expand their language expression, specifically writing in the content area of science. As an assistant principal I will implement this curriculum as part of my modeling and coaching for teachers in the classroom. A final project will include a written collection of scientific and historical observations.

(Recommended for Biology, Science Issues, and Environmental Science, grades 9-12.)

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