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Postwar America: King and the Civil Rights Movement, by Kevin P. Inge

Guide Entry to 06.03.05:

This is a thematic unit that will give students knowledge of the work and character of King's mission. The featured book for this unit is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., On Leadership. I find this book to be instrumental in developing moral character and leadership skills within our youth.

Students will complete lessons in social development, social studies, language arts, math, art, public speaking, and drama. The duration of this unit will be approximately 15 class periods. This thematic unit was designed for students in grades five through eight. You can adjust the lessons to the specific needs of your students. It is teacher friendly and should be a pleasure to teach. I hope you find this unit informative and enjoyable for your classroom!

(Recommended for Social Studies, Language Arts, and Social Development, grades 5-8.)

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