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Teaching Neuroanatomy through Schematic Diagrams, by Justin M. Boucher

Guide Entry to 06.06.06:

This unit was created for use in an AP Psychology class to teach the brain and the nervous system in a relatively short period of time. The brain is an extremely complex concept, and it is difficult to do it justice in a limited space of time. It is the goal of this unit to circumvent that problem by trimming down the material and presenting it in a way that is both memorable and functional.

This unit asks students to break down the brain and the nervous system into their constituent parts and then diagram them according to relationship and function. It is a unit that can cut across learning styles and specialties as a function of its relatively flexible requirements. The process of schematic diagramming also allows the students to attach a skill set to the work, thereby giving the students another means of remembering and accessing the information.

(Recommended for AP Psychology, Psychology, Biology, and Anatomy, grades 10-12.)

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