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Voces Latinas: Cultural Identity through Poetry and Lyrics, by María Cardalliaguet Gómez-Málaga

Guide Entry to 07.01.11:

This unit seeks to achieve a variety of different goals. It will give me the opportunity to introduce literature, and the concepts of "cultural identity" and "voice," in the classroom. By teaching students to analyze, interpret and understand poems (and songs), I will provide them with the tools to value and enjoy poetry, to acknowledge the relevance of the Latinos in the United States, and also the opportunity to learn Spanish while they take in the importance of history and cultural connections.

As a result of this unit, students will value "voice" as a vehicle to express points of view and feelings. They will also learn about the Nuyorican Movement, its major poets and the musical tradition of the "trova" in Cuba and Puerto Rico.

The unit is designed to be taught in my Spanish I levels, but with proper modifications it could be used with upper levels: Spanish II and Spanish III.

(Recommended for Spanish I and II, grades 9-12.)

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