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China: Soldiers, Sudoku and Stories, by Barbara Natale

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This unit will provide students in grade four with an exciting opportunity to visit China without leaving their classroom! During the lessons, students will come to the realization that China has a very interesting past. Reading about the Qin Emperor and his Terracotta Warriors will engage learning and curiosity. Students will experience the exciting discovery of the Terracotta Warriors through books, pictures and computer research. A creative art lesson will allow students to envision what it was like to make the real Terracotta Warriors. Students will become excited that they will also learn to read and speak Mandarin. A fun Sudoku math game will be the culminating activity that students will really enjoy. At Davis Street Interdistrict Magnet School, we embrace multiculturalism, and my class will not only embrace the activities, but they will want to visit China upon completion of this unit. Any teacher, regular or special education, can utilize any or all of this unit. Because of the hands-on activities, students will enjoy this unit and hopefully add some creativity when making the replica Warriors. These lessons allow teachers and students the opportunity to work together to better understand the Chinese culture, and way of life. Fourth-graders are at a very impressionable age, and maybe one of the lessons in this unit will inspire them to travel to China and view the Great Wall or amazing Terracotta Warriors.

(Recommended for Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies, grade 4.)

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