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Eating the Rainbow: A Student's Guide to Healthy Foods That Grow, by Shannon E. Oneto

Guide Entry to 07.05.05:

Many children in our nation are in a health crisis. Childhood obesity is on the rise, as is the number of children developing diabetes and other health issues. We can choose to point fingers - fast food, school lunches, busy parents, disappearing recess. The better option might be to start to do something. Education is a powerful tool, and teaching our children to be more aware of their own health may help to slow down this crisis.

This unit strives to begin to do just that. Created for a group of third-graders with mixed English language abilities and varying levels of background knowledge, this unit will help students begin to take charge of their own eating habits by first learning more about what they eat. Students will use literature and class discussions to find out which foods are healthy (or not healthy) for them, and why. They will take a close look at their own diet and reflect on how they can improve their own eating habits. Students will also examine the idea that we should "eat the rainbow," by examining the nutritional components of fruits and vegetables, and finding similarities in health benefits of plants in the same color group. Overall, this unit should help to make students aware that they have the power to make good choices when it comes to their health.

(Recommended for Science, including ESL students, grades 3-4.)

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