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Living Memorials: Honoring Your Family, by Huwerl Thornton, Jr.

Guide Entry to 08.03.08:

This unit looks at how people over time have created monuments and memorials for people or significant events in history. It will explore how people as a community choose to commemorate and memorialize. This is known as collective memory. We will be looking specifically at war monuments throughout the United States and here in New Haven. The unit will also look at personal memory and how individuals choose to memorialize family members in death by way of headstones in a cemetery. We will also explore other ways in which individuals choose to memorialize loved ones through songs, poems, and artwork.

The students will create various forms of artwork using a variety of mediums, including for loved ones in their families who are still alive. This is a way to give honor and show appreciation to a loved one while they are able to appreciate it. It is not usually until someone has passed away that memorials are done for that person and they are not there to appreciate it. This is a way for students to express their love and appreciation so that both parties can enjoy it together.

(Recommended for Social Studies and Language Arts, grade 1 and beyond)

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