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Natural Disaster: Ring of Fire, by Barbara Natale

Guide Entry to 08.05.03:

This unit will provide students in grade three and higher, with modifications and adjustments, an exciting opportunity to explore a natural disaster, in particular, the eruptions of volcanoes. During the lessons, students will come to the realization that volcanoes and the impact they have on Earth is an interesting subject. I have planned the lessons to embrace content material with several hands-on activities. One, students will read, research and publish their own book on various types of volcanoes. Two, students will participate in an exciting vocabulary puzzle-making activity. This activity, called “Volcabulary” (Volcano and vocabulary together!) will allow students a better sense of the meaning of the words utilized in their report and in the lessons. This activity will be fun. The class hands-on science experiments will allow the students with the opportunity to understand plate tectonics and how volcanoes erupt. These lessons allow teachers and students the opportunity to work together to better understand the mysteries of our Earth and disasters. Third-graders are at a very impressionable age, and maybe one of the lessons in this unit will inspire them to become a seismologist and travel deep into the Earth crust and core.

(Recommended for Science, grade 3)

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