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Exploring the Rhythm of Your Pulse, by Sheila M. Martin-Corbin

Guide Entry to 08.06.08:

My unit focuses on the effect of physical exercise on heart and respiratory rates and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The students at my school are immersed in the Arts. Much diversity is evident regarding ethnicity, and socio-economic status. Students are chosen on a lottery basis, from the inner city and suburban towns. Many students in my Human Anatomy class have failed Chemistry 1 and the science section on the standardized CAPT test. My goal is to spark their interest in science by engaging students in inquiry-based activities, relevant to their lives. Those students who failed the CAPT test must receive a B or better in the class in order to graduate. Many of those students regard science as “boring” and find it difficult to make the connections to technology and real-life situations. My goal is to make the connections by doing interdisciplinary hands-on activities, relating to health issues.

My objectives include that students will become motivated to do hands-on-activities and to make the connections with real-world situations. Students will not only make informed decisions about their health, but receive an excellent grade for the course and meet graduation requirements.

(Recommended for Anatomy and Physiology, grades 11 and 12)

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