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La Generación del 27, by María Cardalliaguet Gómez-Málaga

Guide Entry to 09.02.03:

The unit La Generación del 27 is designed to introduce history, poetry, theater and art in my classroom in a meaningful way. It explores the social and cultural context of Spain in the 1920s in order to understand the rise of a "La Generación del 27," a poetry movement in which ideology and aesthetics reached out to other literary genres, such as prose or theater or even other non-literary circles including cinema, art or music.

In this unit, students will learn about the Spanish Generation of 1927 in order to be able to read, analyze, interpret and understand poems written by Federico García Lorca and Rafael Alberti as well as to recognize and understand the historical events that led to the Spanish Civil War. The unit is recommended for Spanish students with at least an intermediate level of fluency since it is going to be conducted in Spanish.

(Recommended for Spanish, grades 11-12)

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