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Cuentos de Eva Luna: Magical Realism in Latin American Literature, by Valbona Karanxha

Guide Entry to 09.02.05:

This unit is designed for middle-school teaching of Spanish literature, art, culture and civilization. It correlates with the national standards of teaching a foreign language because it expands from literature to other disciplines. The unit starts as an overview of the literary movement of Magical Realism. I have tried to analyze its origins, developments and representation in the Latin American literature. The unit evolves around the study of “Two Words” written by Isabel Allende and ends with a comparison of storytelling techniques between Allende and García Márquez as two of the most successful novelists of Magical Realism in Latin America. In designing this unit, I kept in mind that my students are young readers and like fantastical stories and visuals; therefore I introduce information such as Magical Realist art from Hispanic artists.

Since the main focus of the unit is a representation of the political and social struggles of most of the Latin American countries, it will give the students the opportunity to learn how some of the countries still struggle for survival and democracy.

(Recommended for Spanish, grade 8)

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