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Food for Thought, by Andrea N. Bailey

Guide Entry to 09.04.02:

It is important that students understand that good food choices are essential for the growth and development of their bodies. This unit will allow students to feel knowledgeable enough to make smart and healthy food choices that will affect their development and the function of their brains.

A brief scientific explanation of the structure of the brain will be introduced through pictorial representations and reading materials. We shall also discuss "The Six Categories of Nutrients" and how they are used by our body. Finally, the students will be able to work "hands on" and discuss the components of the Food Pyramid and meal planning. This unit is designed to help teachers integrate Science and Health within their own classroom by providing the necessary background knowledge about the brain, its nutritional needs and how its functions affect our bodies. This unit is aimed at nurturing critical thinkers and problem solvers.

(Recommended for Science and Health, grade 5)

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