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Tone as Reflected in the Looking Glass of Sound and Context, by Mary Lou L. Narowski

Guide Entry to 11.03.08:

Sound is the thread that makes up the cloth of poetry. The role of the sounds of words in the finished product is undeniable. Poets use sound devices to create visual images and emotional responses; the sound these devices express may reinforce or clarify those images and responses. These elements add richness, meaning, and sound to the language of poetry as well as literature. The disconnection between knowledge and application – between knowing the definition of these features and recognizing and understanding how they are used within literary text – is highlighted in this unit. Using a series of analytical questions, students will explore a series of poems to become familiar with this sound sense. The awareness of sound and image as tone will encourage its appreciation. I will use these ingredients as my main consideration for an objective within this unit.

(Recommended for English Language Arts, grades 7 and 8)

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