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Learning about Others While Talking About Self: Role-Playing Around the Francophone World, Using Passports and "Fauxbook" Profiles, by Crecia Cipriano

Guide Entry to 12.02.02:

Who do middle schoolers like talking about more – themselves, or others? I'd say it's a pretty close call. In this unit, students will use passport facsimiles and faux Facebook pages (called Fauxbook profiles here) to learn about each other as well as famous French-speakers around the world. After making their own passports and Fauxbook profiles, students will be introduced to the many faces of the francophone world. Role-playing can be a fun and engaging way for students to practice language skills. But sometimes it can feel a bit contrived. The passports and Fauxbook pages will allow us to circumvent any sense of the stale or prescribed. Employing role-play allows students to build and reinforce question and answer skills revolving around introducing the self while developing a familiarity with well-known people who speak French and the places in which they live.

This unit is geared toward first-year French students in seventh grade.

(Recommended for French, grade 7)

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