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What's Shakespeare in Love Got to Do with It? Biography and the Bard in the Secondary English Classroom, by Matthew S. Monahan

Guide Entry to 12.02.07:

This unit explores two works which attempt to recreate the life of a genius, William Shakespeare specifically.

Students participating in the implementation of this unit will be able to do the following: work individually and cooperatively in writing, reading, and critically viewing works that will develop understanding of the relationship between experience, imagination and the creative process. They will also consider the essential question: how does one write the life of a genius?

Students will write autobiographies in preparation for their personal statements/college essays. They will create original works and biographies of one another and consider the relationship between these artifacts. In addition to reading and writing, students will memorize and perform either original works or Shakespearean sonnets written by others with an emphasis on those written by Shakespeare himself.

(Recommended for English, grade 12)

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