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My Body Tells a Story, by Shaunquetta N. Johnson

Guide Entry to 12.03.05:

The main objective of this unit is to promote a healthy lifestyle, including yoga exercise, to students while determining the moral and lessons of stories and fables. Yoga is an ancient practice that connects the mind with the body. Through yoga, students will strengthen their bodies and stretch their minds to give meaningful thought to the lessons of fables and stories. This unit also provides students with a sense of body awareness and spatial boundaries. The yoga poses learned in this unit can extend from childhood through adulthood.

This unit is intended to teach and learn about feelings, morals, fables, and exercising in a meaningful but fun way. Students will gain motivation to exercise and improve their health. In addition, students will gain a deeper understanding of moral judgment and being a good citizen. This unit is designed for younger elementary-grades students with the flexibility to extend to all grade and age levels across the curriculum.

(Recommended for Science and Literacy, grades 2 and 3)

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