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World Zoo: Parent-Child Interaction, by Breanna J. Evans

Guide Entry to 13.01.04:

Kindergarteners have very limited life experiences and many of them have not been exposed to animals from around the world. As a result, when children encounter these animals on standard assessments, they do not know any background information and this hinders them from reading and using context clues. This unit will use both fiction and non-fiction informational texts to teach kindergarteners about the life cycle, habitat and family dynamics of the wolf, elephant, seahorse, and penguin. In addition, students will be learning alongside their parents in an attempt to promote parental engagement in the classroom through read-alouds, class trips to the zoo and family craft days. Both my students and their parents will be able to witness how these animals interact with their babies and the child rearing process in different animal classes.

(Recommended for English Language Arts and Social Studies, kindergarten and grade 1)

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