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Just Let It Go! by Shaunquetta N. Johnson

Guide Entry to 13.04.04:

Who? What? When Where? Why? How? These are the basic questions students learn to ask to deepen their comprehension of any given subject. Students are very curious about how their bodies work, noises their bodies make, and how to be healthy. My goal is to utilize and transfer the basic questions into science, helping students become more curious about how and why things work. I want students to contemplate the parts and functions of their body and how their choices to treat their body affect their health.

The main objective of this unit is to motivate students to ask questions in science, particularly biology. The unit is intended to address asking questions as a strategy to increase knowledge. Students will gain confidence by asking questions and researching a touchy topic, flatulence. Students will learn that even the most embarrassing or funny occurrence deserves educated discourse. This unit is designed for elementary students with the flexibility to extend to all grade levels.

(Recommended for Science, grades 3-5)

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