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Changing Connecticut, 1634 - 1980
1980 Volume on Connecticut History

Table of Contents

1. From Theoracy to Pluralism
______Peter Hanson
2. Connecticut Constitutionalism, 1639-1789
______Donald J. Surprenant
3. Baptists and Religious Liberty in Early Connecticut
______George W. Grisevich
4. Connecticut: A Case Study in Anti-Imperialism 1636-1776
______Elizabeth T. Tiano
5. The Evolution of Early Political Parties: Connecticut, 1750-1818, A Case Study
______John James Valente, Jr.
6. [title not found]
______Thomas F. Howard
7. [title not found]
______Alison Birmingham
8. [title not found]
______Marc Feeley
9. [title not found]
______Frank Olah
10. [title not found]
______Elisa McCarthy
11. [title not found]
______Enn O. Koiva
12. [title not found]
______Morris Roodenburg
13. [title not found]
______Francis P. Lynch

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