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The Human Environment Energy
1981 Volume V


The seminar titled ‘The Human Environment: Energy provided the context for an excellent series of energy related discussions and curriculum units. With the basic laws of energy and matter as a background, topics ranged through solar heating, energy conservation, electricity, and nuclear energy. The units were designed to present and discuss different forms and sources of energy, how we use energy, and how these affect our daily lives and energy habits. Practical exercises were incorporated into the units in such a way that students will be taught how to observe, measure, and calculate energy use, while developing improved mathematical or other skills.

The central focus on energy provided greater cohesion on seminar topics than was the case last year, and in turn, stimulated profitable exchanges of ideas and suggestions among Fellows. Fellows provided each other with additional references and sources of information and constructive criticism for improvement in the units and in their presentation. The spirit of support and cooperation among the Fellows was outstanding.

As was the case last year, this was a valuable learning experience for me, giving me greater insight into the quality and dedication of New Haven’s teachers, and some understanding of the special requirements of their educational environment.

Richard S. Miller

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