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Connecticut History - 1981
1981 Volume on Connecticut History

Table of Contents

1. Connecticut in the Constitutional Convention
______Karl E. Valois
2. The History of Public Education in Connecticut
______Clifford J. Dudley
3. The Struggle for Equality by Connecticut Blacks in the 18th and 19th Centuries
______John Roper
4. The Farmington Canal 1822-1847: An Attempt At Internal Improvement
______George M. Guignino
5. The Rise of Organized Labor in Nineteenth Century Connecticut Case Study: The South Norwalk Hatters
______Susan E. Grey
6. Crisis In The Family: Connecticut And The Nation
______Lou Ratté
7. Women at Work in Connecticut:1880-1920
______Tracey M. Wilson
8. Women’s Political Rights In Connecticut 1830-1980
______Whitney C. Russell
9. UNIT IX Connecticut—Crash to Korea
______Francis Peter Lynch
10. Using Historical Fiction in the History Classroom
______Sarah K. Herz

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