My Father

My father was very handsome.
My father was thoughtful and
lots of fun.

My father was very nice,
He loved to play games and
shoot dice.

My father was a big kid.
Anything I asked him to do
he did.

My father was very light-skinned,
Not too fat, not too thin, just right.
I think he never liked to see me fight.

My father had nice curly hair.
When I needed him, he was always there.

My father tried to teach me lots of
stuff back then.
One thing was to swim.

When anybody messed with me,
it didn't bother me because,
back then I knew I had my father.

By now I think you know,
he's gone.
His memory will stay with me very long.

My father, Nathan Spearman,
passed away July 31, 1994.
I will remember him always.

Narkita Spearman

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