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Images of the City in Modern Lyrics and Verse: A Sequential Approach to the Teaching of Poetry, by Pamela Kabak and Caroline Jackson

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The urban educator must constantly attempt to integrate his or her students’ environment with a diversity of new educational approaches. The purpose of this unit is to show eighth and ninth graders the importance of studying poetry from both technical and personal perspectives. By placing emphasis on twentieth-century poets and lyricists who write about city life, the unit will establish a relationship between classical forms and contemporary issues. This unit revolves around poems and songs related to a theme of isolation and the city. Each section stresses different poetic techniques and includes: a) a narrative portion summarizing the particular literary devices; b) exercises which will enable students to flex creative muscles; c) an appreciation/analysis component including poems and songs demonstrating those devices explained. The unit is divided into the following chapters: Definition of Poetry, Word Choice, Rhythm, Rhyme; Figurative Writing, the Final Leap (thematic investigation of self-alienation). A glossary of important “poetry” terms precedes an annotated bibliography.

(Designed for use in Middle and High School English classes.)

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