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Minority Families Moved from the South to the North for Economic Growth, by Barbara W. Coles Trader

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Literary history, industrialization, inventions and economic growth in the North, especially in New Haven, Connecticut, will be addressed from 1778 to 1990. The highlight of the unit is the Winchester Repeating Arms Factory which was started in 1778 by Eli Whitney who manufactured more effective firearms. There are firsthand oral accounts from retired employees of Winchester Arms Factory; they explained what was manufactured during different eras such as roller skates, cellophane, dry cell batteries and many other products. The African-American retirees explained working conditions for them, and how conditions in the plants improved from World Wars I and II to 1980. Since the six-month strike in 1980, Olin Corporation was sold to a group of local investors and factory managers who formed the United States Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The strike really effected the Newhallville Neighborhood and New Haveners economically. The community is still suffering from economic deterioration and social ills in our pluralistic American society.

Different teaching strategies will be illustrated in the unit such as: the Cloze Reading Technique; Holistic Writing using cartoons, comic strips and other student learning activities.

(Recommended for English Literature and Language Arts, grades 5-10)

Key Words

Afro-Americans Family Life Migration New Haven Economics American History Connecticut Industrial Industry Revolution Urban South North

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