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Its Getting Thinner and Thinner, by Grayce Storey

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In this unit I will discuss oxygen, ozone and life, the ozone layer today, oxygen and life; and cancer. Ozone is a form of oxygen which is a gas and an essential ingredient of the air that we breathe. Aerosol spray is the small squirts of fine mist of tiny droplets called an aerosol. The term aerosol is synonymous with spray cans. The compound CFCs are in spay cans to push the active ingredient out of the can. Ozone depletion is depletion of the ozone content of the stratosphere that will cause temperature changes on earth and more ultraviolet radiation wi11 penetrate to the earth. My unit wi11 include lesson plans, bibliographies for teacher and students, a vocabulary list hands on activities and a film. This unit will be taught in the eighth-grade science class for two weeks.

We realize that we play a major role in some of the problems that plague our environment. One such problem is the thinning of the ozone layer. It was not until after the ozone layer was developed that there was life on the land surface of the Earth. The ozone layer protects mankind and animals from ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Ultraviolet radiation can kill living things.

(Recommended for Earth Science, Grade 8, Geology, Grade 9 and Life Science, Grade 7)

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