About the Teachers Institute

Annual Brochure

The brochure describes the Institute’s local program and schedule; contains lists of school teachers and faculty members in the Institute’s leadership; and provides participating teachers, named Institute Fellows, Guidelines for development of curriculum units.


The Institute accepts as Fellows teachers of English, history, languages, arts, science, and mathematics from New Haven's public elementary and secondary schools. Interested teachers discuss their potential eligibility with a School Representative or a Steering Committee member who works closely with those teachers who then submit an online application. To learn more about participating in the Institute, speak with your School Representative or Contact, or a member of the Steering Committee.

Policies, Structure, and Procedures

“The Policies, Structure, and Procedures” of the Institute, endorsed by the Yale Corporation in September 1994, describe the Institute as a permanent unit of the University.

Awards and Recognition

“Principal Recognition Accorded to the Institute” by individuals and organizations since 1978

Video Programs

Video programs depict the annual seminar process and results of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.

Published Essays

Articles written by Founding Director James R. Vivian describe the Teachers Institute approach to teacher professional development, the history of the Institute’s program in New Haven, and its significance to Yale University.

University Advisory Council

The University Advisory Council is a presidentially-appointed body of Yale faculty members that guides the general direction of the program and acts as a course-of-study committee so that the Institute can certify Fellows' work to institutions where they may be pursuing advanced degrees.