University Advisory Council

The University Advisory Council is a presidentially-appointed body of Yale faculty members that guides the general direction of the program and acts as a course-of-study committee so that the Institute can certify Fellows' work to institutions where they may be pursuing advanced degrees.

The Council also advises the Yale President on the Institute and, more generally, on matters concerning the University's involvement with schools locally and with public elementary and secondary education nationally. Between meetings the work of the Council is carried forward by its Executive Committee, all members of the Council, also appointed by the President.


Timothy Barringer

Jessica C. Brantley

Paul E. Turner

Executive Committee

Gary W. Brudvig

W. Mark Saltzman


  • Sarbani Basu
  • David Bercovici
  • Ned Blackhawk
  • Jeffrey F. Brock
  • Jill Campbell
  • Lynn Cooley*
  • David C. Engerman
  • Roderick A. Ferguson
  • James Forman, Jr.
  • Larry D. Gladney*
  • Kimberly Goff-Crews*
  • Anjelica Gonzalez
  • Daniel Martinez HoSang
  • Matthew F. Jacobson
  • Pericles Lewis*
  • John MacKay
  • Feisal G. Mohammed
  • Jordan Peccia
  • Ayesha Ramachandran
  • Peter A. Raymond
  • Peter Salovey*
  • Ian Shapiro
  • C. Megan Urry
  • Stephanie Wiles*
* ex officio