Curriculum Units by Fellows of the
Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute

Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IPoetry as Sound and Object
Volume IILatinx Histories, Cultures, and Communities
Volume IIIWriting Queer and Trans Lives
Volume IVEnergy and Environmental History of New Haven and the American City
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IWriting about Nature
Volume IIThe Long Fight for a Free Caribbean, 1700s-1959
Volume IIIEthnic Studies: Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IThe Social Struggles of Contemporary Black Art
Volume IIDeveloping Anti-Racist Curriculum and Pedagogy
Volume IIIHow to Do Things with Maps
Volume IVThe Earth’s Greenhouse and Global Warming
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IThe Place of Woman: Home, Economy, and Politics
Volume IIThe Chemistry of Food and Cooking
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IDigital Lives
Volume IITeaching about Race and Racism Across the Disciplines
Volume IIIHuman Centered Design of Biotechnology
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IAn Introduction to Income Inequality in America: Economics, History, Law
Volume IIEngineering Solutions to 21st Century Environmental Problems
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IAdapting Literature
Volume IIWatershed Science
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IShakespeare and the Scenes of Instruction
Volume IILiterature and Identity
Volume IIICitizenship, Identity, and Democracy
Volume IVPhysical Science and Physical Chemistry
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume ITeaching Native American Studies
Volume IIAmerican Culture in the Long 20th Century
Volume IIIPhysics and Chemistry of the Earth's Atmosphere and Climate
Volume IVBig Molecules, Big Problems
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IPicture Writing
Volume IIExploring Community through Ethnographic Nonfiction, Fiction, and Film
Volume IIIRace and American Law, 1850-Present
Volume IVEngineering in Biology, Health and Medicine
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume ILiterature and Information
Volume IIImmigration and Migration and the Making of a Modern American City
Volume IIISustainability: Means or Ends?
Volume IVAsking Questions in Biology: Discovery versus Knowledge
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IUnderstanding History and Society through Visual Art, 1776 to 1914
Volume IIThe Art of Biography
Volume IIIAnatomy, Health, and Disease: From the Skeletal System to Cardiovascular Fitness
Volume IVEngineering in the K-12 Classroom: Math and Science Education for the 21st-Century Workforce
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IWriting with Words and Images
Volume IIWhat History Teaches
Volume IIIThe Sound of Words: An Introduction to Poetry
Volume IVEnergy, Environment, and Health
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IInterdisciplinary Approaches to Consumer Culture
Volume IIThe Art of Reading People: Character, Expression, Interpretation
Volume IIIGeomicrobiology: How Microbes Shape Our Planet
Volume IVRenewable Energy
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IWriting, Knowing, Seeing
Volume IIThe Modern World in Literature and the Arts
Volume IIIScience and Engineering in the Kitchen
Volume IVHow We Learn about the Brain
Volume VEvolutionary Medicine
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IControlling War by Law
Volume IIStorytelling: Fictional Narratives, Imaginary People, and the Reader's Real Life
Volume IIIPride of Place: New Haven Material and Visual Culture
Volume IVRepresentations of Democracy in Literature, History and Film
Volume VForces of Nature: Using Earth and Planetary Science for Teaching Physical Science
Volume VIDepicting and Analyzing Data: Enriching Science and Math Curricula through Graphical Displays and Mapping
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IAmerican Voices: Listening to Fiction, Poetry, and Prose
Volume IIVoyages in World History before 1500
Volume IIIThe Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics of the Solar System
Volume IVThe Science of Natural Disasters
Volume VHealth and the Human Machine
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IPhotographing America: A Cultural History, 1840-1970
Volume IILatino Cultures and Communities
Volume IIIPostwar America: 1945-1963
Volume IVMath in the Beauty and Realization of Architecture
Volume VEngineering in Modern Medicine
Volume VIAnatomy and Art: How We See and Understand
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IStories around the World in Film and Literature
Volume IIThe Challenge of Intersecting Identities in American Society: Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Nation
Volume IIIHistory in the American Landscape: Place, Memory, Poetry
Volume IVThe Sun and Its Effects on Earth
Volume VEcology and Biodiversity Conservation
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IThe Supreme Court in American Political History
Volume IIChildren's Literature in the Classroom
Volume IIIRepresentations of American Culture, 1760-1960: Art and Literature
Volume IVEnergy, Engines, and the Environment
Volume VThe Craft of Word Problems
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IGeography through Film and Literature
Volume IIEveryday Life in Early America
Volume IIITeaching Poetry in the Primary and Secondary Schools
Volume IVPhysics in Everyday Life
Volume VWater in the 21st Century
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume ISurvival Stories
Volume IIExploring the Middle East: Hands-On Approaches
Volume IIIWar and Peace in the Twentieth Century
Volume IVThe Craft of Writing
Volume VFood, Environmental Quality and Health
Volume VIBiology and History of Ethnic Violence and Sexual Oppression
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IMedicine, Ethics, and Law
Volume IIArt as Evidence: The Interpretation of Objects
Volume IIIReading and Writing Poetry
Volume IVRace and Ethnicity in Contemporary Art and Literature
Volume VBridges: Human Links and Innovations
Volume VIHuman Intelligence: Theories and Developmental Origins
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IWomen Writers in Latin America
Volume IICrime and Punishment
Volume IIIConstitutional and Statutory Privacy Protections in the 21st Century
Volume IVEthnicity and Dissent in American Literature and Art
Volume VSound and Sensibility: Acoustics in Architecture, Music, and the Environment
Volume VIThe Chemistry of Photosynthesis
Volume VIIBioethics
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IWomen's Voices in Fiction
Volume IIArt and Identity in Mexico, from the Olmec to Modern Times
Volume IIIImmigration and American Life
Volume IVDetective Fiction: Its Use as Literature and as History
Volume VHow Do You Know? The Experimental Basis of Chemical Knowledge
Volume VIHuman-Environment Relations: International Perspectives from History, Science, Politics, and Ethics
Volume VIIElectronics in the 20th Century: Nature, Technology, People, Companies, and the Marketplace
Guide to Curriculum Units
Volume IThe Use and Abuse of History in Film and Video
Volume IICultures and Their Myths
Volume IIIArt and Artifacts: The Cultural Meaning of Objects
Volume IVAmerican Political Thought
Volume VReading Across the Cultures
Volume VISelected Topics in Contemporary Astronomy and Space Science
Volume VIIThe Population Explosion
Volume ITwentieth Century Latin American Writing
Volume IIAmerican Children's Literature
Volume IIIAmerican Maid: Growing Up Female in Life and Literature
Volume IVStudent Diversity and Its Contribution to Their Learning
Volume VThe Blues Impulse
Volume VIGlobal Change, Humans and the Coastal Ocean
Volume VIIEnvironmental Quality in the 21st Century
Volume IMulticulturalism and the Law
Volume IIEnvironmental and Occupational Health: What We Know; How We Know; What WeCan Do
Volume IIIRace and Representation in American Cinema
Volume IVRemaking America: Contemporary U.S. Immigration
Volume VGenetics in the 21st Century: Destiny, Chance or Choice
Volume VISelected Topics in Astronomy and Space Studies
Volume IGender, Race, and Milieu in Detective Fiction
Volume IIFilm and Literature
Volume IIIThe Constitution and Criminal Justice
Volume IVComing of Age in Ethnic America
Volume VThe Geological Environment of Connecticut
Volume IFamily Law, Family Lives: New View of Parents, Children and the State
Volume IIPoetry in the Classroom: Incentive and Dramatization
Volume IIIUnderstanding the Ancient Americas: Foundation, Flourishing, and Survival
Volume IVRacism and Nativism in American Political Culture
Volume VThe Atmosphere and the Ocean
Volume IThe Symbolic Language of Architecture and Public Monuments
Volume IIFolktales
Volume IIITwentieth-Century Multicultural Theater
Volume IVThe Minority Artist in America
Volume VEnvironmental Science
Volume IThe Constitution, Courts and Public Schools
Volume IIWriting and Re-writings of the Discovery and Conquest of America
Volume IIIReading and Writing the City
Volume IVThe National Experience: American Art and Culture
Volume VEcosystems: Tools for Science and Math Teachers
Volume IRegions and Regionalism in the United States: Studies in the History and Cultures of the South, The Northeast and the American Southwest
Volume IIThe Family in Art and Material Culture
Volume IIIAfro-American Autobiography
Volume IVRecent American Poetry: Expanding the Canon
Volume VAdolescence/Adolescents' Health
Volume VIGlobal Change
Volume IThe Autobiographical Mode in Latin American Literature
Volume IIContemporary American Drama: Scripts and Performance
Volume IIIThe U.S. National Parks Movement
Volume IVAmerican Family Portraits (Section I)
Volume VAmerican Family Portraits (Section II)
Volume VIGenetics
Volume VIIWhat Makes Airplanes Fly? History, Science and Applications of Aerodynamics
Volume IAmerican Communities, 1880-1980
Volume IIPoetry
Volume IIIFamily Ties in Latin American Fiction
Volume IVDetective Fiction: Its Use as Literature and History
Volume VAmerica as Myth
Volume VICrystals in Science, Math and Technology
Volume VIIElectricity
Volume IThe Constitution in Public Schools
Volume IIImmigrants and American Identity
Volume IIIAutobiography in America
Volume IVResponding to American Words and Images
Volume VHormones and Reproduction
Volume VIAn Introduction to Aerodynamics
Volume IThe Modern Short Story in Latin America
Volume IIEpic, Romance and the American Dream
Volume IIIWriting About American Culture
Volume IVThe Writing of History: History as Literature
Volume VHuman Nature, Biology, and Social Structure: A Critical Look at What Science Can Tell Us About Society
Volume VIScience, Technology, and Society
Volume IThe Family in Literature
Volume IIWritings and Re-Writings of the Discovery and Conquest of America
Volume IIITopics in Western Civilization: Ideals of Community and the Development of Urban Life, 1250-1700
Volume IVThe Process of Writing
Volume VThe Measurement of Adolescents, II
Volume VIFossil Fuels: Occurrence; Production; Use; Impacts on Air Quality
Volume IPoetry
Volume IIAmerican Musical Theater
Volume IIITwentieth Century American Fiction, Biography, and Autobiography
Volume IVHistory as Fiction in Central and South America
Volume VOdysseys: Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century African-American History Through Personal Narrative
Volume VITime Machines: Artifacts and Culture
Volume VIISkeletal Materials- Biomineralization
Volume VIIIThe Measurement of Adolescents
Volume IElements of Architecture, Part II
Volume IIGreek Civilization
Volume IIIHispanic Minorities in the United States
Volume IVThe Oral Tradition
Volume VAmerican Adolescents in the Public Eye
Volume VIGeology and the Industrial History of Connecticut
Volume IElements of Architecture
Volume IIGreek and Roman Mythology
Volume IIIReading the Twentieth Century Short Story
Volume IVAmerica in the Sixties: Culture and Counter-Culture
Volume VDrama
Volume VICross-Cultural Variation in Children and Families
Volume VIIMedical Imaging
Volume ISociety and the Detective Novel
Volume IIAutobiography
Volume IIIThe Constitution in American History
Volume IVAn Unstable World: The West in Decline?
Volume VSociety and Literature in Latin America
Volume VIThe Changing American Family: Historical and Comparative Perspectives
Volume VIIHuman Fetal Development
Volume IThe "City" in American Literature and Culture
Volume IIAn Interdisciplinary Approach to British Studies
Volume IIIHuman Sexuality and Human Society
Volume IVWriting Across the Curriculum
Volume VThe Human Environment Energy
Volume VIComputing
Volume IAdolescence and Narrative: Strategies for Teaching Fiction
Volume IIArt, Artifacts, and Material Culture
Volume IIIDrama
Volume IVLanguage and Writing
Volume VMan and the Environment
Volume VIThe Present as History
Volume VIIProblem Solving
Volume IThe Stranger and Modern Fiction: A Portrait in Black and White
Volume IIThemes in Twentieth Century American Culture
Volume IIIRemarkable City: Industrial New Haven and the Nation, 1800-1900
Volume IVLanguage and Writing
Volume VStrategies for Teaching Literature
Volume VINatural History and Biology
Volume ILanguage and Writing
Volume II20th Century Afro-American Culture
Volume III20th Century American History and Literature
Volume IVColonial American History and Material Culture
Connecticut History
1980Changing Connecticut, 1634 - 1980
1981Connecticut History - 1981