The Institute accepts as Fellows teachers of English, history, languages, arts, science, and mathematics from New Haven's public elementary and secondary schools. Interested teachers discuss their potential eligibility with a School Representative or a Steering Committee member who works closely with those teachers who then submit an online application. To learn more about participating in the Institute, see our 2023 Annual Brochure and Seminar Descriptions.

  • “Latinx Histories, Cultures, and Communities,” led by Albert Laguna, Associate Professor of American Studies and of Ethnicity, Race and Migration
  • “Poetry as Sound and Object,” led by Feisal G. Mohamed, Professor of English
  • “Writing Queer and Trans Lives,” led by Juno Jill Richards, Associate Professor of English
  • “Energy and Environmental History of New Haven and the American City,” led by Paul Sabin, Randolph W. Townsend, Jr. Professor of History and Professor of American Studies