Timeline of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute® and Yale National Initiative®

This timeline traces the history of the Teachers Institute from its beginnings in New Haven to the recognition it received as an early leader in the movement for university-school collaboration, and its success in building on that recognition to disseminate knowledge of the Teachers Institute approach as a model of both professional development for teachers and of school-college collaboration to improve teaching in public schools. The timeline includes documents, photographs, and video programs from throughout the Teachers Institute’s history.


This timeline is best viewed by maximizing the window of your browser. The entries move chronologically left to right and are organized into six main categories in rows on the timeline navigator below the main display: Local (New Haven), Local Seminars offered by the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, Dissemination, Recognition, National, and National Seminars offered through the Yale National Initiative to strengthen teaching in public schools. Due to the large number of entries, not all individual entries can be seen at one time in the navigator. Therefore, going through this timeline is best done by using the left-right arrow keys on your keyboard to move earlier or later in each row.