Video Programs

Video programs depict the annual seminar process and results of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.

Excellence in Teaching: Agenda for Partnership, 1997

This program, which complements the video entitled "Teaching On Common Ground," provides a narrative account of the annual seminar process in the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. That process begins with the planning of seminars and the applications of teachers, continues through the seminar meetings and the writing, testing, and revision of curriculum units, and concludes with the classroom use of those units during the following year.

Teaching on Common Ground, 1995

This program depicts the results of the structured, intensive, long-term collaboration among Yale University faculty members and New Haven Public School teachers that has occurred since 1978 through the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. The Institute is an educational partnership between Yale and the Public Schools designed to strengthen teaching and learning in the schools and, by example, in schools across the country.