On Common Ground® is published in print and online. It is concerned with the development of teachers and of their curricula through school-university partnerships. Its title, which derives from that of the first book on the Institute's work, Teaching in America: The Common Ground, is intended to suggest that university faculty and school teachers have a strong mutual interest in the improvement of teaching and learning in schools. Since 2005 the periodical has focused on the work of the Yale National Initiative to strengthen teaching in public schools®.

Manual for Teachers Institute Centers for Curriculum and Professional Development, 2004

In 1996 the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute and the New Haven Public Schools undertook an initiative designed to broaden and deepen their longstanding efforts to strengthen teaching and learning in the schools. The Institute offered several elementary, middle, and high schools the opportunity to establish an Institute Center for Curriculum and Professional Development to create in schools a place that would be conducive to the kinds of conversations teachers have with each other and with their university colleagues and Institute seminars on the Yale campus. They are intended to increase the visibility and use of Institute resources within the schools and to include teachers who had not before been Institute Fellows.


A first book on the Institute was published in 1984 by the College Board. A second book, published in 1991, contained a collection of exemplary curriculum units produced in the Institute.