Reports and Evaluation


Results of evaluations of the Teachers Institute demonstrate that such collaborative programs can assist schools in specific ways. Studies have shown that Institute participation has increased teachers’ preparation in their disciplines, raised their morale, heightened their expectations for their students, encouraged them to remain in teaching in New Haven, and has, in turn, enhanced student performance. Curriculum units Fellows have developed are used extensively in school courses.

Annual New Haven Program

From its inception, the Institute prepared Annual Reports that describe the program’s operation in New Haven by drawing heavily on the evaluations written by Fellows and seminar leaders at the conclusion of their participation. Many reports also contain material on program evaluation, national dissemination, and financial and program development. The reports for 1996-2009 are presently available.

National Demonstration Project

After exploring during 1997 the feasibility and desirability of establishing new Teachers Institutes at other locations, the Teachers Institute undertook a National Demonstration Project to demonstrate the potential for adapting at other sites the approach to teacher professional development that had been followed for more than two decades by the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.