The unit addresses similarities among larger cities in America. It uses Literature to focus on the individual in the city, the American Dream, ethnic diversity, and visions for cities. Poetry by Langston Hughes, prose by Herman Melville, and plays by Reginald Rose are a few of many mediums used to address the needs of large cities. Extensive film list is included.

A detailed unit that focuses on Madras, India through a comprehensive study of religion, geography, sociology, and literature. Includes a comparative study of Boston, MA.

This unit allows students to design biographies of families by reviewing many biographies and autobiographies already written. Students will have the framework to develop their own family tree. Field trips included to acquaint students with the family resource centers of New Haven.

This unit will allow students, especially Hispanics, to understand city or urban characteristics, migration to cities, and living in New Haven. Students will have an opportunity to complete projects about their family, take various field trips, and view films that will broaden their views on the Hispanic culture of New Haven.

A study of New York through photographs and poetry, this unit affords students with an opportunity to appreciate various art forms and techniques, while gaining a historical overview of New York from 1890-1960.

Through an integrated approach, students study urban/ethnic communities. This unit attempts to give students a clear perspective on the development of urban life and the effects of various cultures in that life.

By examining black literature of the 1920's and 1960's, this unit gives pupils a historical perspective of Black life, an awareness of American history in general, and a knowledge of Black history in particular.

This unit explores China's government, geography, and family customs and traditions during the 19th and 20th century.

This unit presents an outline of the factors that affect teenage Puerto Rican females. Students will study case histories and evaluate a "mock" teenage female and make decisions about events in the life of this girl. Includes counseling and conflict resolution strategies.

Focusing on the Civil War era, this unit utilizes literature, geography, film, and photography that depict the causes and results of this conflict. Students will develop useful research skills that will help develop biographical, historical, and political writing.